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Product Designer that makes products people can't help but love!


I make web apps that can boost productivity, make work more enjoyable and minimise error


I design infographics and report that is easy to understand and visually pleasing


I design websites and app for public use to boost sales and drive traffic

How Does Design Help Businesses?

What makes a user prefer a brand over its competitor? The secret is in the design.


Product that's easy to use and understand makes user feel the brand truly cares about their customer!


Designing a productive product can make tasks easier so employees can focus more on making the business better


Visually pleasing interface builds more trust and makes an enjoyable experience


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Whei Meng
CEO Speedprop

"She has new ideas and different opinion, which are great for us to look at issue from different angle. She’s hardworking and dependable!"

Ashley Loke
Visual Designer

"She is not afraid to ask for feedbacks or opinions on any of her projects. I always admire her clean but creative design skills."

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Leni Tjahjadi

Product Designer
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