My name is Leni and I am a product designer. I am currently working in Snappymob, a website/app agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The projects I do range from internal tools, logistics, and lifestyle mobile apps . Besides work, I write about product design and essays on life topics.

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Case Studies

SURIA Mobile App

Makeupalley UI Redesign

Friends Forever Mobile App

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University of Adelaide (JBI) Web Applications

Speedrent Website

Ecosys Smart Traffic System

About Leni

I am a Product Designer with 3 years of experience, specializing in web applications, landing pages, and creative direction.


I was born and raised in Indonesia, and now working in Malaysia as a product designer in a web/app agency.


I’ve been delivering intuitive yet powerful products that create a delightful experience for users, accelerate workflow for organizations, and proven to drive growth and success for the business.


I have worked with clients from many industries such as medical research, traffic engineering, and consumer lifestyle. My research style mainly focus on understanding the people as well as using my intuition to make a product they’ll love.