Hello, I'm Leni!

I am a product designer who loves to solve users' problems and help businesses achieve their goals with the help of interface and experience design.

I am blessed with a lot of opportunities working with various clients with unique problems and their own sets of users.


Some of the products I made are:

  • Web application for traffic signal timing

  • Web application for medical audit

  • Administrator service for managing user groups and their product licenses

  • Mobile app to listen to radio and watch live streaming

About This Website

I believe in sharing knowledge while gaining it. That is why this portfolio website of mine is rich in content! I like to write for people who doesn't like to read because it challenges me to write in short, simple, and entertaining way.

If you like or don't like this website, let me know by chatting with me in this site!


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All 3D illustrations in this websites are purchased from Wannathis.one 

They offer a wide varieties of 3D graphics that you can customise easily! Check out their website and get one for yourself!

Leni Tjahjadi

Product Designer
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