7 Things I Wish In 2021

2020 feels dreadful for many people. So, let's not talk about 2020 anymore 😂

In just a few days, it's going to be a new year.

While I don't feel particularly excited about it but I do have some hopes for the future!

I used to have one of those goals and new year's resolutions but as people grow up I think more and more people stopped doing that. Probably they know how life is unexpected most of the time and that you are most likely not being able to achieve what you planned, no matter how hard you try.

We propose, and God accepts/rejects.

I believe highly in that phrase (I don't know who said it).

Some people said that phrase is untrue because if you want it so much you will do the hardest to achieve it. But I think your effort is your proposal. If you make the proposal good enough, it's very likely to be accepted but there is still a chance your proposal is not accepted. Maybe because what you wanted isn't good for you!

*Out of topic, but I hope people can stop saying "it's your fault you're poor". You worked hard and succeed, that's amazing. Other people might not have the same life and condition as you.

So my hope is my draft proposal 😁

Will I make the draft proposal real? It depends.

I used to be that kind of person who hates it when things didn't go my way.

I'm sure many will too, it's normal to feel a little down when you don't get something you want.

But as times fly by, I grow up a bit more and I accept that life is unexpected and that time is precious. Time is everything, and it's important not to waste it.

With a very unexpected life, adapting your wish and hope accordingly is part of surviving. If you keep feeling so bad because things didn't go your way, you will be more vulnerable.

If anything, I am actually glad things happened to me in the past. I'm glad life is unexpected because if I planned it and if it went according to my plan, I wouldn't be who I am today.

So, here is my wish for 2021!

1. Take up more projects

I wish to take different projects from different clients with different kinds of users and to be able to learn with more experience. I think this is how I can grow as a Product Designer.

2. Make more friends from different cultures

I wanted to get to know and make more friends from different cultures because I just wanted to know more background, how they think, what's their culture like, and what kind of products they use in their life. I spent most of my time knowing only people from South East Asia. I think my mind is too cooped up with what I have already known and from people, I grow up/live with.

3. Have more self-respect

I think I have very low self-respect and most of the time I find myself caring more about what other people think and how they feel instead of how I feel. This caused me to not care about my own time and my own activity. I just follow what people said and not realizing that my time is also important. By respecting yourself, people only then will respect you. Letting other people step on you is, in a way, not respecting yourself.

4. Earn more money

I am aiming to earn at least 50% more from what I am currently earning per year. Maybe I can have more business, learn to invest, etc. If you have any idea on how to earn more money, let me know! I wish to live in my own place instead of sharing with other people. Nothing wrong with sharing space with other people. I just wanted to have my own place, that's all 😁

5. Work in a different country

I am currently living and working in Malaysia. Nothing bad or wrong with it. But just like wish no.2, I feel like I am too cooped up with what I already know and the culture I am familiar with. I wanted to work in a completely different country so that I have a wider knowledge and understand more things. You know, for example, it's like if you live in a country with only 1 race, you wouldn't understand that other people from other race is being discriminated. Not saying I have this mindset, just an example.

6. To be more independent

At the moment I think I am very dependent on other people. When I am left alone I am so clueless about what to do and have little confidence in how I solved the problem. I have to keep asking other people "what should I do?" or ask them if what I did was right. I need to take more ownership that this is the decision I made, right or wrong, learn from it. Don't ask other people all the time.

7. To be more good-looking

Hahaha, this is kinda embarrassing for me to have this kind of resolution! But I really think I am not attractive, physically. Actually, a few people said I'm ugly (maybe because a lot of people I met are nice people and don't think it's important to highlight my ugliness😂). And I'm not wanting to be a model or any profession that requires an attractive physique. I just wanted to be more good looking for my own happiness. Maybe it's due to the trauma I am being told that I am worth so little that they deserve something bad like me and I can't do anything else to solve that trauma other than to be more good-looking. With how I look right now, it's hard to be confident 😭

Of course, if any of these wish really just can't come true, I don't mind it at all. It could probably because I am not meant for it or there is a much better way other than this. I am just a human, my proposal can be really bad. I really believe that when something isn't for me, then the sign is very loud and clear.

What about you? What do you wish for in 2021?

I wish you a happy happy new year!

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