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Hey whassup! How are you guys?

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You must have know the man in this blog thumbnail. Yep, He is Michael Bierut, one of the greatest designer of all time. He is most known from Pentagram but he is also known so much more iconic designs such as Hillary's 2016 campaign logo, the new Slack logo, the new Mastercard logo. He is a genius!

*Disclaimer : I am not writing this post about how to become an amazing designer like Michael Bierut. I am not saying he is not amazing, what I am saying is he IS amazing but I do not know exactly how to be like him. So this post is just a share of my knowledge, not in anyway I am an amazing designer at the time of writing (but I am confident I will be one day!) So please do not take this post as "I am better than you" kind of post lol. thanks!

OK back to the topic. So you wanna be a Graphic Designer?

Well, you are IN the right page.

This isn't sponsored post that links here and there so that I could earn money, all links I provide here are simply the links I believe you guys could benefit from, so DO check 'em out!

You know, it does not matter if you are a fresh grad, someone who just realized you LOVE graphic design, an experienced one, or even a business owner who want to know the "Hows", each and every one of you CAN start the learning anytime.

1. Get your critical thinking going

Here's where you can start : anywhere. Look at the items around you, literally almost every stuff you have includes a packaging that are designed. Start looking at them and start thinking of some questions about them like : What do I feel when I look at it? Is it because of the color? Let's take a look at the small writings, let's look at how the orange is placed in the background. Just, get the thinking going. Start noticing every little details. Be as detailed as you can. Ask "Why" question until you can't ask anymore.

2. Browsing

Now, browse some designs you might like on Pinterest and pin them! What design? Anything. Could be logo, packaging, ads. This will help you identify what kind of design you like and in the future, determine your style. Categorize them into different sections based on the style. For example if you are attracted to vintage style, name it "Vintage", if you love anything with color Blue, call it "Blue". There is also another way to do this, which is this amazing app called Instagram, have you heard of it? lol. So there's a cool function called "Hashtags follow" that lets you follow certain hashtags. All you gotta do is follow hashtags like "Logodesign" or "creativebranding" or "graphicdesign" and every single time you open the app you will be presented with awesome artworks from all over the world!

3. Listen to podcasts/Watch YouTube videos

Internet is a wonderful place where you can access knowledge anytime anywhere. Start listening to some experts discussion or watch some talks or videos. For a start, I recommend watching to The Futur. It's really insightful, I promise. And if you love to learn tutorials, try PiXimperfect (Unmesh Dinda) , his way of explaining is very clear and thorough!

4. There's no other way than practicing

To improve your graphic designing skill, there is no other way than keep practicing. Now, I am not asking you to make 10 logo designs in 1 day! What I am asking is that every time after you practiced, learn how to improve from it. Ok, so if you're making a logo for a book shop, after you are done, ask people for feedback, and also your own feedback. That way, you practice in a smarter way.

5. Be humble.

This is a continuation from tips number 4. When you ask for feedback, be humble and never ever protect yourself. Get yourself exposed to "danger" as much as possible. I know it is painful, hurtful, and somewhat demotivating, but this is how you grow.


(especially for my blog readers ❤️ )

Join communities

Join communities with people alike that wanted to grow just like you. This is going to make the process much more fun! Discuss, learn, and share together. For a start, join the Behance or Dribbble community. If you prefer social media platform, search for "Graphic Designer" and then add your country or city name. I think you'd love this group : Logo Design Club. There's a lot of like-minded here willing to share their feedback, and you are welcome to share theirs, too! I think you'd love to interact in this FB page as well : Web Designer Depot

Now, there you have it folks!

This is just my sharing to you guys and I hope it is beneficial and useful.

If you love this and think someone else need to see it, share this. It is free to share, you got nothing to lose lol.

Till next time!

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